Lifting DB

If having an intimate relationship with your favorite lounge chair is not the only thing on your bucket list, you’re in the right place. Especially if you’ve tried to stay fit on your own and noticed it’s gotten a lot harder.

The problem is your body changes with age and so does your fitness abilities. And it can be hard to find a trainer who understands exactly what a baby boomer needs to improve their fitness while keeping them injury free.

That’s why I’m so dedicated to helping seniors. Because I’m a senior, just like you, and I know older adults can be fit and strong with the proper training. I help seniors everyday get amazing results, be more confident, reduce their pain and stiffness, have more energy, and improve their balance so they have less fear of falling. And a fit senior will continue to have an active lifestyle so they don’t have to stop doing the things they enjoy.

How it all started

It was totally unexpected, but of all the sports I played, weightlifting is what sparked my life long passion of health and wellness. Since then, I’ve immersed myself in the study of our amazing human body. The muscles, strength, movement, nutrition, disease, health, and well-being. And now — functional aging and longevity.

It was over 40 years ago when I decided I’d start lifting weights to get stronger. I played sports but was never very strong. So one day I confidently walked into the weight room of the YMCA in my hometown of Oregon, Ohio. 

At the time it never occurred to me that women didn’t do that sort of thing. (However, it did explain the unwelcome stares.) Luckily, one of the regulars, a competitor bodybuilder, was gracious enough to show me how to lift properly. 

My plan worked. I got stronger. I even dabbled in bodybuilding for a while but switched to powerlifting. The sport was just beginning to allow women to compete. And really…how could I resist?

Not only was powerlifting exhilarating, but it taught me a lot. For competition, you lifted the most weight you can possibly move for three lifts; a squat, a bench press, and a deadlift. For your lift to count, it had be done with perfect form. The skills I learned for competition are skills I still use today to keep myself and those I train, injury free. 

As I look back, I’m sure some of my interest in the body was also because even in high school I struggled with back and hip pain. At 35 years of age and after discectomy surgery, I was diagnosed with early degeneration of the spine. It’s a long term condition I manage. Which means I’m not unlike the seniors I work with who also manage chronic conditions and/or pain.

It’s proven

Science knows now what I suspected decades ago, improving strength can have amazing effects on controlling chronic conditions as well as pain. 

Leveraging my unique knowledge base and skills, I’ve used my expertise to design effective fitness programs that give women and men real results in their own fitness. I’ve mastered converting the complex science-based practices that improve functional aging into fun and invigorating classes. 

My fitness classes actually give you the tools you’ll need to combat the aging process. You’ll increase muscle strength, improve flexibility, have better posture, balance, and stability. You’ll also improve your body alignment so you can stay active and independent without constant nagging pain and stiffness.

I love helping my clients enjoy life again, and that includes all the day-to-day tasks that bring us all joy.

Joy’s Brag Sheet:

  • Certified Personal Trainer, W.I.T.S.
  • Bachelors of Science in Food and Nutrition
  • Senior Fitness Consultant
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist in the BioMechanics Method, the highest-rated corrective exercise program in the industry.
  • Organized the first women’s weight lifting classes in a number of co-ed gyms and YMCA’s in Ohio and North Carolina.
  • Featured in the Cleveland Magazine for offering the first women’s weight lifting classes in Cleveland, Ohio while training at Black’s Health World.
  • Nutrition consultant and guest on “Taking Shape”, a WTVI Public Television, 16-week special televised program. 
  • Co-author and content advisor for the “WIN Program – A Strategy for Successful Weight Management” used at a medical-based weight loss clinic.
  • Judge for the American Federation of Women Bodybuilders (AFWB)
  • Competitor in powerlifting competitions sponsored by the Ohio National Physique Committee (NPC) and the United States Powerlifting Federation (USPF)
  • Traveled with a professional tennis player to help teach healthy eating while traveling.
  • Nutritional Educator & organizer for Heart-Healthy-Cooking Classes for a hospital-based Cardiac Rehabilitation Center.
  • Facilitator for “Lose to Win” & “Changes – Weight Loss for Health” weight management programs at a large YMCA in California.
  • Contributing writer to the website
  • “Ask the Expert” contributor for the website